Peter Bell the Musical

Pietje is an afterthought in the Rotterdam working-class family Bell in the years \ ‘ 30. He is the Apple of his father who are crooks zones often smiling overlook. Pietje makes life of his older sister Martha, his aunt-with-a-wart-on-her-nose Cato and drugstore G. Noma continuous acid. Peter Bell is always in trouble, but often not on purpose: ” it went accidentally ” . By those accidents is Pai even accused of arson and robbery and he takes along with Freckle the legs. The police lies on the heels, but when he is arrested until he emerged a true hero.

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The cast of Peter Bell consists of professional actors from young to old. The belittling their \ ‘ \ ‘ old hands in the box. Famous names like Johnny kraaijkamp jr (drugstore G. Noma) and Kiki Classen (mama Bell) putting down strong roles. Striking is the ingenious decor that at all possible ways can be customized, from school and port to railway station and circus. And all that in a typical Rotterdam years \ ‘ 30 style.

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In Peter Bell the Musical is there Sung, danced, jokes, gehiphopt and there is even room for a moving moment. You will be taken on as public adventure from start to finish and seized by the engaging Pais and his family. I missed the tasty Rotterdam Rotterdam as purebred accent at the cast, that is clearly not from that part of the world came. I have been noticing even a soft \ ‘ g \ ‘ at Freckle…Image removed by editors Peter Bell the Musical is a traditional Dutch family show and definitely recommended! The musical is to see until the end of april 2006 in the Dutch theaters. For more information, please visit This article is automatically posted by WP-Auto Post: WordPress Auto Blog pluginArticle Extraction Settings, WP-Auto Post

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