The upside of anger

Neighbor Denny (Kevin Kostner) wanders one day Terry’s life and where he first only her drinkerbroeder is, he gradually turns more and more as her help and stay. He seems with his unflappable attitude, to be immune for her foibles and quirks. In addition, he takes a kind of father role in itself, add to the girls. His involvement in the family gives direction to the rudderless life that he leads, after he forced his professional baseball player had to terminate carri è re. He enjoys the warmth and security he receives. He follows the fight and the quarrels between mother and daughters amused from the sidelines, but only comes later in the film, when his involvement is much bigger, really in action.

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The four daughters (played by Erika Christensen, Keri Russell and Alicia Witt, Evan Rachel) go to each in their own way with the situation. Piece by piece they, individually, in conflict with their mother. All they are looking for a way to the departure of their father a place to be able to give. The youngest member of the family, are watching it all a bit of a distance. This daughter of fifteen is also the narrator of the story. She is working on a documentary about anger, which throughout the film passes, regularly mean when red thread, although this is not well taken.

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Both all as Costner, play the stars of heaven. Joan Allen is continuing its role of a wounded, angry woman full of persuasive. A woman who decides is not easy for her environment, but not for themselves. As a viewer feel sometimes warp your toes because of her blunt behavior, but there are also times when you feel her grief and impotence clear and they still can count on some sympathy. Kostner is great in his role as out-of-action pro baseball player. He looks somewhat unkempt, has a stubble beard and beer belly and drink more than is good for him. However, he has something vertederends, by his awkwardness, his good will and his loyalty.

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The fact that the humor in the movie is, as a counterweight to the personal drama’s, does that make the film certainly not heavy is to look at. Pick the downright surprising denouement to the end of the movie and the great acting performances, then é é I n conclusion. See, that movie!Available on DVD starting from January 10, 2006

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