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With the above concept Marjan Berk wrote her novel in prison. When in 1993 it was decided to make a book series, the critics were not too positive. This restraint proved unfounded: in prison pulled a lot of weekly viewers, including myself. In addition, in 1994, the series was awarded the Golden Televizier-ring and have contemporary BN \ ‘ ers such as Bea Mad (also known as Cane: the wife of Nol from the comedy series Sam Sam), Liz Snoyink (better known as the mother of the girls from the white) and Marjolein Keuning (also known the feeling of) owe their fame to this series. It has as far as I am concerned therefore far too long before the series on DVD appeared, but now he’s there anyway and he is over 16 hours of the Women wing so beloved by me. Thus, the story of the series takes place on the women’s Department of a heavily guarded prison. Although this storyline probably already fascinating enough, is there an extra element used in the first episode yet: there is a (self?)murder on the wing. The episodes that follow address the possible killer and in it we also get to know the residents and their crimes. The creators know there to keep the tension in otherwise good as regards the various reasons of captivity. The first thing you’re wondering when you get to know a character, after all, is what has she done?: \ ‘ \ ‘, but this is not as fast price given. Only as the episodes progress becomes clear what crimes have ensured that the ladies ended up in prison. Not only the first episodes that for thrills and spills concerns: the writers keep the tension there with all kinds of affairs and intrigue during the rest of the series too good at it! In addition, the voltage with a good dose of humor interspersed: so is Jacob Crumb (an elderly person that her husband for the train threw) a real old Ana said what men are concerned, Smorrie Port (which the pimp by her daughter murdered) good for what you sometimes lie to the Surinamese humor and double lesbian Teun Metz that quite some of her medegevangen with her advances against her in the harness hunts.

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Women’s wing during the review on dvd, I realize how long ago the series included is. The faces are so young: leontien riders (the beloved of Bea Mad in the series) is almost still a teenager and also Bert Kuizinga (which the doctor plays) is just about unrecognizable. Also the clothes of course huge old-fashioned. But this is not the only difference with contemporary drama series: the dialogues seem so simple and also the close-ups of characters with below a typical \ ‘ scary \ ‘ tune I find a little inappropriate. But this is actually fun again: it reminds me of earlier and suddenly I appreciate the series, precisely because he is so different than the contemporary drama’s. I look so with mixed feelings: on the one hand, it brings a nostalgic feeling back to me, but on the other hand, I think it is a kind of far-reaching glory of the once beautiful and highly-rated drama series. After I most of the dvd’s in the box have viewed, I conclude that I t ó ch more tend to nostalgia. As you get longer looks, you can look around by the simple dialogues and you learn the mysterious tunes even appreciate it. Living in a women’s prison is something I (hopefully) never will experience and by women wing do you know how that feels a little bit anyway. In addition, ends each episode with the title song \ ‘ \ ‘ é é n times Yet by Vera Mann and this song gives me goosebumps every time.

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