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Peter DAS is the most active travel photographer and writer on digital photography by Netherlands. ‘ digital photography without a manual ‘ is his third book in two years on this subject. Previously he published ” digital photography on the road ‘ and ‘ Pixelkids ‘. In 2004 he made a luxurious photo book on the island of St. Maarten and in early 2005, he was the initiator of the book \ ‘ \ ‘, Coastal residents for the reconstruction after the Tsunami. For the Unicef office-calendar of 2006 Peter de Ruiter 15 of the 52 weeks filled with his photos Peter de Ruiter himself, hates manuals. He finds that a camera has to be logical so you understand everything immediately. You would think in pictures and not in symbols anyway?! This am I completely agree with him. Still, he also gives, you will also have to learn ever which makes sense but in the book’s digital photography without a manual \ ‘, the images first. On the basis of some 350 (beautiful) sample photos he lets you get acquainted with all aspects and possibilities of digital photography. The symbols on your camera are an important guideline. Also the photo editing is addressed and even how to get the best can photograph with your cameraphone.

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It is a book which is written from the practice, leaving you in an accessible manner all aspects of photography to you can take it. It is a book with nice pictures to look at. The accompanying text in the pictures is written on the basis of the photos. So you see-and read what the differences are connected by quick tips for smart pictures and you will be surprised what you can do with your digital camera or cameraphone. At the back of the book is all a bonus, a small book: India per cameraphone. You should of course always start at the beginning. By going shooting you can discover the best camera, so you learn the camera also to understand. How you can improve the quality of your photos will be well covered in this book, similarly how you can make a nice, good composition. And how to make the most fun, spontaneous photos of for example: your baby or children playing, your family, your pets, your husband or friend or during a marriage? Or how can you make a good photo of a brilliant through photo editing and what program do you use there than at? You learn it all by good looking and a bit to read in \ ‘ \ ‘ digital photography without a manual. Remember 1 thing: practice makes perfect! But if you still don’t succeed to get a nice picture, then stand on the common ” accidents ” in the book also

Image removed by editing simple solutions I shoot all seriously since I was ten years and since half a year I have my analog SLR swapped for a digital one. My compact digital camera is everywhere I am. Everything lives or exists, for me is a potential subject. For example, during ten days holiday I make soon about 1000 photo’s, of which there than viewing ” but ” some 250 prove to be good enough and the photo album pick … I too knew not why my picture’s not so became as I wanted. After watching the many photos and reading the tips in this book by Peter de Ruiter, am I with fresh courage and idea ë n immediately enthusiastic went to work. Hopefully you experience after reading \ ‘ digital photography without a manual \ ‘ as much fun to digital photography as Peter de Ruiter or myself. Have fun at what you do is very important. Or as Peter de Ruiter it in his book says: Happy Shooting! Image removed by editors Peter de Ruiter digital photography without a manual. 157 pages ISBN 90- -1637-389 X 15.50 publishing house Elmar

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