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the book is intended for anyone who ever wondering \ ‘ who am I and what do I want to well actually? \ ‘ it is not about how you can successfully sell yourself (as a trademark), but to find out what is important to you and how you can realize. Do you want a big house and a nice car, a good priv é relationship, a job with respect or do you want to develop spiritually yourself as much as possible? By looking at your dreams and your desires (your inner), you will learn step by step and with a lot of exercises to the appropriate appearance and behavior to come. E é n of the starting points of the book is the fire-Design model from the used book on many colleges of Ruud Farmer ‘ BRAND DESIGN. Forming and shaping brands ‘ (Pearson Education). This model is for the reader (of which no knowledge in the field of marketing is expected) simplified to the premise that each brand has three important characteristics: a strong inner, a recognizable appearance and matching behavior. These three characteristics determine to a large extent the layout of the book. Is discussed in chapter é é n what makes a brand successful and what are the functions of brands can. In addition to functions for companies (such as le ë financial appreciation and distinction and recognition), are also the features of brands for consumers, such as status symbol, belong to, or oppose. In this context, becomes very apparent made it clear that the brand for sunglasses (Gucci) sometimes it is much more important than the function (excluding the Sun). In chapter two, the brand inner to bid; the invisible based on the brand that you don’t see, but experience. On the relationship between the brand charm, inner and your inner self. On the basis of exercises you are invited to for yourself on paper what values are important for you, what your future dream is and what you matching credo is. The brand appearance in chapter three focuses on the design of this inner in the broadest sense of the word: what does it look like, how it feels, how does it smell, et cetera. And also here is the link of the appearance of brands, via the look of people to your appearance. Also here you’ll find quite a few exercises to the aspects that characterize your appearance, to get above water. In the next chapter you looking at what characterizes successful brands in terms of behavior, what people can learn and how you can capture your own behavior. Finally, you have a whole chapter the time to read everything you have to apply it to your own situation: you’re going to create your own Personal brand Model! Because for some, the focus will be on priv é-situation, but for others on the work situation and these are inextricably linked (if you want to create a world tour, you will have to save money and days off), the model does not differentiate between business and private é. In the personal brand Model you can use all the results from the exercises as input to create a complete model to come. In addition a number of extras provided leading to superfluous picture. Fortunately, there are three example models so that you have some guidance if you no longer see the wood for the trees. A fun book where you can learn a lot in the field of personal development. For all that kind of books, if you do not remember, the better you can lay down next to you again until you feel like it. No book so read é in é n jerk off, but rather something to occasionally read a chapter, so you stay also motivated to do the exercises. A funny feature of the book is that it appears in four different colors: Orange, green, blue and pink. The content is the same, so just choose the color that best suits you! if you know a brand would be like you would be a brand. Ruud Baird and Caroline WelsingUitgeverij Pearson ISBN 90-430-1107-X price: € 17.95 paperback version: number of page’s 176 published on 02-12-2005

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