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the central theme of this show is the moment you from paradise falls. The feeling you get when you realize that the world is still not so fun if you’ve always thought, for example, if you discover that Santa Claus does not exist at all. Claudia in this performance speaks about many themes that me as ‘ woman-of-almost-thirty ‘ though and it starts with a story about a trip abroad to join her mother to follow a detox treatment programme. On very funny way describes the cabareti è re the concept \ ‘ \ ‘ suffering. Through stories about Bachelor days (anyone who has ever will certainly recognize the piece of erotic dinner), getting married, getting pregnant and then give birth (now I have no children but as a childbirth indeed is such as Claudia it describes I don’t need if necessary) she arrives at the group where I (almost) belong; the thirty-somethings. Through the \ partnerloze \ ‘ desperate ‘ women in this group whose biological clock is ticking ever harder she comes to the baby boomers. They mean the men around the fifty years that after a first marriage to start the second leg \ ‘ \ ‘ and often a new family with a younger woman. Claudia sings the beautiful song on this subject Guys of fifty.

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In addition to this song sings Claudia more beautiful, funny and sensitive songs in this show. This and songs of the first theater show the wild Freshness can be found on the cd not only those available is through the website of the record label Wilhelmus plates. In addition to dvd with the registration of Claudia Sucks shows a bonus dvd with her first show the wild freshness. There are also two extra songs on the dvd plus an interview with the band, consisting of Rogier w (guitar), Sander G (keys) and Thijs Louis (bass guitar). Conclusion: this dvd is a fun, funny and sometimes touching asset to your collection!Claudia ZuigtTotale running time: plus minus 135 minutes (Claudia Sucks), 55 minutes (the Wild Freshness) distribution and promotion: CNR Entertainment


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