Why everything always goes wrong

In a short introduction explains what Murphy’s law actually means. It becomes clear that the formula, in addition to other very simple formulas; Everything that can go wrong, go wrong also. This you become clear once you read the page in such large letters is the middle of the page. In addition to these encouraging words explains this chapter mainly from everything else in the book is going to be dealt with in the following chapters. In these chapters are a lot of laws, theorems, myths and other issues. Any question is then declared from different scientific disciplines, such as organic, physics, psychology. Furthermore, it is entirely clear illustrated with pictures, photo’s, schema’s and tables. Also nice are the quotes provided by the book, such as: ” life can only be understood retrospectively, but only forward be lived. ” The book of 213 pages is not really a book you must read é in é n times, but it’s one where you really should take the time for. Please read a chapter and then put it away for a day. Because in addition to a lot of fun facts is quite dry costs. And it’s not quite the book reads as if you sin, because it is well worth the effort. After reading the book you will probably not have as much bad luck as different, but now it’s all scientifically explained.Image removed by editors why everything always goes wrong ” Murphy’s law and other phenomena scientifically stated ” Richard RobinsonAW Bruna price: 12.50 ISBN: 90-229-8990-9

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