Solo Solopeople

as soon as I start playing the first song Satie word dragged into a kind of melancholic feeling thanks to piano intro. The acclaim of the whispering almost narrative vocals do the first minute the shivers down my spine, so beautiful. When the chorus comes to a nice climax and keep the gentlemen my attention tightly. Onandon is a somewhat surprising number so after wonderful Opportunities by the electro influences. By the delicious voice of J Perkin you forget almost everything around you and touch you in a kind of dream world. You will be then energetic awakened by the first single from the album Come back to me, this song is the last weeks been on Kink FM to hear frequently. a delicious something uptempo song with a refrain what delicious in your head hangs. Don’t change is another delicious gem what can remain on repeat for me. Solopeople is a wonderful album, what the next time in my CD player continues to be frequently listened to. All I think the songs live even better come into its own. So if you get the chance to see these gentlemen live go back there especially. Would you have some hearing this gorgeous album, then listen to some tunes on and let convince you…Image removed by editors Solopeople Tracks: 1. Satie 2. Opportunities 3. Onandon 4. Come back to me 5. Everthing goes 6. The vanity of our affairs 7. Over the country 8. Too much 9. Don’t change 10. Wonderboy, wiseman, prophet 11. Better Solopeople manSolo-running time: 40.30 minutes Website: SoloExcelsior Recordings

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