DVD: Dancing with the Stars

the dvd is a compilation of all dances that during the live shows of \ ‘ Dancing with the Stars \ ‘ \ ‘ ers were carried out by the BN Irene van de Laar, Jim Bakkum, Inge Ipenburg, Joris Lutz, Ans Markus, Rudolph van Veen and Inge de Bruijn. Every Saturday watched more than 2 million people to the dance arts of BN \ ‘ ers who actually had little or no dance experience. Under the guidance of the best dancers and dancers were there in a short time fantastic choreography ë practiced, those with as much n conceived and enthusiasm and passion live the scene were brought.

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In contrast to the live-shows in which each pair of self-determined what dance they did, the different dances on this dvd by dance put together, so that for example you 5 different versions of the Quick step behind together. The Viennese Waltz is only 5 pairs at the same time, but that is also called at this dance! And of course you will also find the Freestyle-contribution from the final between Irene van de Laar & Marcus van Teijlingen and Jim Bakkum & Julie Fryer on back! My favorite dance of last year, the ” HankyPanky ” -Jive by Jim and Julie, I have now been a couple of times on end views!

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There are also short impressions of the rehearsals on, with commentary by the pairs itself and also some, sometimes painful bloopers. Because without dance experience are some passes quite difficult to learn. Very nice to see that BN \ ‘ ers also but ordinary people are, at which it also (sometimes literally) takes blood, sweat and tears so beautiful and perfect as possible can dance!

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In the included booklet you will find a brief explanation of all dances. Do you have after seeing this dvd still no enough of the ballroom dancing, then you will also find a bonus-cd with another song on it to each dance, to the dances itself on practicing. And who knows you than ever dance again as Jim & Julie, the winners of 2005 \ ‘ \ ‘ Dancing with the Stars!

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All in all, it is for the true lover of ballroom dancing a great dvd! Just one to have!Image removed by redactieUitgebracht by: Sony/Bmg region: 2 (suitable for Europe & Japan) is suitable for: Expensive: about 100 minutes. Price: approx. € 16, 99

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