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\ ‘ \ ‘ tells the American medium about her life, her family and the special encounters during her work and in her personal life that she has. With the title of the book refers to DuBois on the child in herself that she never wanted to let go. You take the road to the right according to her \ ‘ \ ‘ other world open and you can still look fresh against business. And that seems to me to be no wrong starting point.Paranormal children Allisons gave revealed already on very young age, but her mother could not handle it well. This attitude as a little girl she felt misunderstood and \ ‘ \ ‘ strange. This eventually resulted in a loophole in the drink when she was only eleven years old! To share her experiences in the book gives DuBois clear tips for parents who suspect their child has psychic abilities.Personal image of a medium other than you would suspect they don’t Kiss goodbye \ ‘ \ ‘ is not intended to cover exciting murder cases that she has to solve, such as in the series know \ ‘ \ ‘ Medium is the case. The book gives a very personal picture of the turbulent life of Allison. How she copes with her gift, how hard she finds that her sincerity into question always is, but also how much they enjoy the things in life. And that everyone would have to do more, clairvoyant or not. In short, who is addicted to the series \ ‘ Medium \ ‘ should definitely read this book to see who the real Allison DuBois \ ‘ is. Patricia Arquette has been nominated for a Golden Globe for her role in the series \ ‘ \ ‘ Medium and also I’m sitting Friday at half past nine again glued to the tube. Until 23 January to win on this book

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more information: DuBoisOffici ë le ë le Official website of Allison website of \ NBCWebsite \ ” at the ‘ Medium of Net 5 \ ‘ \ ‘ goodbye Kiss they don’t, Allison DuBoisBruna publishers, A.W. 219 page’s

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