Wedding Crashers

Wilson and Vaughn play in Wedding Crashers respectively John and Jeremy, two companions in their mid-thirties. No wife, no children: all much too tricky, long live the single-exist! The only thing they want, w é l is occasionally a wild night, no strings attatched. And that they find on Weddings: at every party another chick. So the men lead a carefree \ ‘ crasher \ ‘ exist and have the time of their lives. é Cht é n of the two until é falls in love with… At first glance, the concept of Wedding Crashers simple, but the chemistry between Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson will t ó ch for that it is a particular movie is. It is therefore no accident that these two gentlemen are cast together. Director David Dobkins had previously worked with Wilson in Shanghai Knights, directed Vaughn in Clay Pigeons and was so impressed with the men that Wedding Crashers Director partly is that these two pranksters like é together in é n film wanted to see. So, because the sc è nes that Wilson and Vaughn together, are the funniest from the whole movie.

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The theme’s in the film are, of course, friendship and love. The first theme comes very clearly: in the hilarious moments of John and Jeremy that Jewish, chinese and all american weddings that comfortable spot is good to see that the true friends of each other. On the other hand, not at all the theme love comes into its own and this is actually by the type of film that Wedding Crashers is. You can characterize him as a ‘ Ben Stiller film \ ‘: he is similar to a Dodgeball, Starsky and Hutch and especially with Meet the parents, where Ben Stiller had an important role in. In movies like this plays the title role and should any other theme humor actually lose out. So also in Wedding Crashers: when there are declarations of love or sensitive conversations, is there anything more laughing and the film death. This is unfortunate, but understandable: a film like this can not 128 minutes are constantly hilarious. But the moments that w é l (and there are many of them), make the film worthwhile. Provided you of Quieter movies of course.Wedding Crashers is from 26 January in the store or video store. Beside the actual film offers the DVD also nice extra’s. uncorked a version, which takes a bit longer than the original version, which gives you just a few extra sc è nes can grab mixtrack. There is also commentary from the lead actors and Director to see David Dobkins. Another feature that you should look at is certainly also \ ‘ \ ‘ featurette, The Rules where the rules of the wedding crashing are discussed, with examples as \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ Invites are for losers and Whatever it takes to get in, get in \ ‘. So highly recommended!Wedding Crashers With: Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn, Christopher Walken and others list price: EUR 20.99 time: 128 minutes

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