CD: Youp van t Hek ': the suicide command

The thread in the story is a meeting with the man in the cheerful jacket, 25 years ago in ë Normandi. There they talked about their lives, their future and their dreams. Now it appears Van ‘t Hek to have become what the man would have liked to be. On the basis of this story he wants to make it clear that the Dutch in a beautiful country life and that there is not as much would have to be nagged. ,, There are two things in life é cht important: love and work. These are matters that make a bit tolerable. ‘ ‘ of course is also treated in a continuous pace over the past year and come familiar elements yet again back in the conference. Think of Buckler … but also football fans, Big Brother, the Schiphol fire, Jack Spijkerman, terrorism, Rachel Hazes, dogs, Ajax, het Gooi, the tsunami and Talpa are discussed. Very funny to hear that Talpa is not just ‘ mol ‘, but also ‘ zIt ‘. Above all shows that people have to live and enjoy. In short, live! Something where I can find me personally in myself am no specific … lover of the work of Youp van ‘t Hek, but I must say that the suicide command contains some nice pieces. Of course, some predictable jokes, but all in all I found the best worth listening to. The new year’s Eve conference is a lot shorter than the normal shows by Van ‘t Hek, a small five quarter. On the CD is a recording of the performances on 16 and 17 december in de Kleine Komedie in Amsterdam, where the songs are download separately. Image removed by redactieYoup van ‘t Hek – the suicide command CNR Entertainment BV

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