Lucie Silvas: " I’m not a commercial bimbo "

who is Lucie Silvas? You can send us an introduction of yourself? May I turn around? Who is Lucie Silvas not? I’m not an Idol or a commercial ë le bimbo. I do make music since my infancy. I wrote my first song on my tenth and I am still very proud of. Lucie Silvas is certainly not after-aper, but a discoverer. You seem wise for your age. I hear so often that I’m wise for my age. That’s because I’m on my fifth al piano played and raised with a diet of gospel, Stevie Wonder, Nat King Cole and the carpenters. Ouwelullenmuziek maybe, but I found it exactly what I was looking for: from life é of genuine music. You have your choice for a muziekcarri è re had a lot of support to your parents? Know for sure. My sister and I were seized early on by music. That came through my parents, who are real music lovers. At our place you could hear music all day. Of my parents, I also learned to never give up and always have confidence in myself. Now they are obviously very proud of my success. And my sister? Who is now a backup singer in my band. Fun huh!Surely you’re ever started as a backing singer for Take That’s Gary Barlow? That was just short though. Are solocarri è re is unfortunately never really got off the ground. But we remained friends. We’ve even written a few songs together. Maybe in the future we are going to do more things together.How does it feel to have a gold record and famous people like Chris Martin of Coldplay, Girls Aloud and Lionel Richie under your fans to count? It feels good, but also sometimes very strange. I’ve been so for a long time, you know. What I have not tried to break through. At one point I am but started writing songs for others. Gareth Gates and Liberty X have songs of mine on their plates. Thats great, but it’s also pretty frustrating as you see with your own songs but does not want to succeed.But you had on your eighteenth yet a recording contract on bag? ‘S Right. I had a deal with record label EMI, but there is never what come out. There is everything you promised, where ultimately not much of gets. I had a whole album full of Sung, but they found it three times nothing. There you are with a bag full of songs where you can do anything. That’s a pretty harsh reality I must say. Did you get some of learned? Know for sure. I realize now that nothing is certain in this world. Don’t let yourself be carried away by your dreams. Today you have a recording contract and tomorrow you’re back to square one. Also, I know now of course all about the business side of the platenbusiness. I let me nothing more up the garden path.You can finally get some tell you about your record \ ‘ \ ‘ Breathe? It’s an album full of love, faith and friendship. The songs are about things I have experienced. Events in my own life, but also in that of my family, my friends. Finally I succeeded. \ ‘ \ ‘ Won The Game Is and that is also the title of one of my songs. That is about finding your own happiness. Now I can finally say:

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