Confessions of a sociopathic social climber

As Katya one evening to an entertainment program is watching she sees that there will be a Grand party hosted by the sisters Greenstein (strikingly similar to the Hilton sisters). They may of course not be missing if real party girl at the party but because they at the wedding of Dove Greenstein is caught in a rather compromising pose with the bridegroom comes for her name on the guest list. This party crisis requires a strategic approach and is discussed at length with her two best friends; the former has made a sport of pedicure Frangiapani out there with as many rich men get married and gay boyfriend Ferguson that as male escort constantly falls in love with his customers who then see him not. Katya tries to score an invitation in a variety of ways for the party, taking them even an attempt at blackmail head-on. While Katya tries to resolve its crisis is her attention derived by various other things such as a new colleague who at first glance no difficulty with the fact that Katya treats him as a slave. However emerged this timid boy feel like a crafty rival who preys on her job. There is also the African boy who they supposedly financial supports to prevent problems with the tax authorities but seems not really interested in who they ge ï. Finally there is also the irresistible mystery man turns out to work in the same building and the heart of Katya beat faster. If all threaten to go wrong it’s time for drastic measures whereby Katya still wonder is going to ask what is really important in life. Main characters in this movie are Jennifer Love Hewitt (which we know from the movies the Heartbreakers and The Tuxedo) and Colin Ferguson (from the popular TV series Coupling). Jopseph Lawrence also plays a supporting role in this film and know him we might still as Joey from the TV series Blossom. This (romantic) comedy seemed ideal for a lazy Sunday afternoon with girlfriends. With tasty snacks and a drink we have our delicious on the couch ge ï installed. Oh what were we happy when this film finally was over. Jennifer Love Hewitt is in my eyes a beautiful and sparkling actress but I do not understand that they are committed to this film. Unfortunately her challenging draw more attention than her acting performance outfits. There is no momentum in the film and despite frantic efforts by the creators can you as a viewer at the end of the film still no sympathy for the incredibly superficial Katya. Normally I’m really fan of this genre films but this was an outright setback and hear as far as I am concerned therefore only at home in the video store and not in your closet.Image removed by a sociopathic social climber redactieConfessions or is available on dvd from 24 January 2006 running time: 96

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