DVD: The Island

Lincoln-6-Echo (Ewan McGregor) and Jordan-2-Delta (Scarlett Johansson) and a few hundred others are saved from an infection and live with each other in an underground disaster Centre. Life there is tightly controlled by cameras, sensors and digital wristbands and armed guards keep everyone in the holes. Toilets to test the urine and eat fat, who is automatically rationed. Nevertheless, it behaves exemplary, because everyone is hoping for a departure to the island \ ‘ \ ‘.

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Lincoln trust not. He has confusing nightmares and start getting things to wonder. ” Why are we here, what do we do and why we should have no contact with each other? ” He finds out that there is no island is! Together with his friend Jordan he hits on the flight when they find out not to live in a utopian Centre, but true-to-life clones are. Their only goal is to \ ‘ \ ‘ spare parts for their original doppelganger to deliver. In a totally unknown outside world they go on the course for their deadly pursuers.

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The Island is a spectacular action film with a lot of unexpected twists and wild chases. McGREGOR and Johansson are evenly matched and play a nice couple. Director Michael Bay has a great display with sets and special effects, making this film gets an extra dimension. Don’t forget to view the extra’s. In it you can see what a war of attrition has made the crew to make this movie. Michael Bay directed earlier, among other things, Armageddon, Pearl Harbour and The Rock. \ \ ‘ The Island ‘ keeps you 130 minutes on the edge of your seat! The Island, http://www.theisland-themovie.com/Warner Bros. Pictures/Dreamworks Pictures Action/thriller 130 minutes Image removed by editors

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