Einstein for Dummies

This \ ‘ \ ‘ Einstein for Dummies is written by Carlos l. Calle, a scientific researcher at the NASA Kennedy Space Center è n founder/director of the Electrostatic and surface physics laboratory of NASA. He has so much experience with the theory ë n of Einstein. In five chapters trying Calle the genius Albert Einstein to explain to the layman.Part 1: a genius awakens In this first part introduces you to Einstein and his work is described and why it was so important. It also described his childhood, from his birth in 1879 in Ulm, in Germany until his graduation from the University. Fun anecdote: when he was 4 or 5 years old, and his father was at home sick, he got a compass to cheer him up. He was mesmerized by the behavior of the compass needle and by his fascination with this instrument he decided then, to his life to researching and explaining natural phenomena to dedicate. This part ends with his wonder year 1905, in which five key scientific articles he wrote.Part 2: a solid foundation: what Einstein taught at school part two is about the development of physics, when it was still no physics was called. It is an overview of what Einstein of his professors learned about the scientists, including Galileo Galilei, James Clerck Maxwell and Isaac Newton. Their theory ë n stand at the foot of almost all Einstein’s inventions! This chapter also covers topics such as the universe, time, light and everything else Einstein fascinated.Part 3: the special theory of relativity this part is on Einstein’s most important and best known theory: the theory of special relativity, a true masterpiece. Using a variety of examples is the theory such explained that everybody with an interest for physics it should be able to understand. But for physical lay people, also called Dummies, it remains difficult fabric.

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Part 4: The general theory of relativity, general relativity extends the special theory of relativity by also adding gravity to the theory. This section explains how this theory has given us a different view on the universe. Black holes and tunnels to another universe are also discussed. However, it remains a theory, so we know not to this day or Einstein right had in this. Part 5: the quantum and the universe the quantum theory began also in Einstein’s miracle year 1905 with his article on the photoelectric effect. This unleashed Einstein a second revolution in physics. In this part explains why it’s a revolution was and how it changed our view of the reality. This part covers further from everything about the universe and how Einstein this reviewed.Part 6: the part of the dozens of as in any ” … for Dummies ” book turns in this final part to the dozens. Herein are discussed: \ ‘ ten insights into Einstein’s views on religion and brand philosophy, \ ‘ and \ ‘ \ ‘ Ten women who ï Einstein be each other. Nowadays the name Einstein synonymous with great intelligence, but it also scares many people off, might also be to read these Dummies. One thinks immediately to incomprehensible physics, scientific language and difficult, almost impossible to explain theory ë n, but this book is very doable. Using examples from everyday life are the theory ë n clear and clearly explained, although you need to read some chapters while twice to understand them. And finally: did you know … * He had no learning disabilities? * his famous formula E = mc2 has led to the development of the atomic bomb by others? * He was involved in developing it further not? * He, however, warned president Roosevelt by letter? * He donated his money from the Nobel Prize to his ex-wife and children? * Einstein citizen was of 3 countries? * These are: German by birth, Swiss citizen from 1901 and American from 1940? * in his honor there is a unit in the photochemistry is named after him, the Einstein? * the chemical element einsteinium also to his name? * in 1952 asked him was to be president of Isra ë l?Image removed by Editor Author: Carlos Calle ISBN: 9043011770 Publisher: Pearson 364 page’s

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