MUNICH by Steven Spielberg

there is a dark shadow over the play from the moment a group of Isra ë lische athletes being a victim of a horrific attack, carried out by the Palestinian Black September. In response, forms the Isra ë lische Government a secret group that risking their lives should track down the murderers. An agent who asked for the revenge action cannot refuse. The events have lasting influence on where he ends up in his personal life. Munich by Spielberg is based on real events. It’s a film that makes a great impression and days afterwards still plays through your head. It does this not only by the realistic – sometimes hard – pictures, but also by the human aspect that emerges clearly in the film. It begins with protagonist Avner, which leave of his wife takes and the present have traded in for a cruel and uncertain future. One after the other nightmare is for him and you see him slowly change and lose his humanity.

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Spielberg knows the frenzy of violence to pack in a thriller like no other. A nightmare, which unfortunately becomes a reality. A compelling story, without the movie bogs down in exaggerated sentiment and drama. Munich is not an easy film, one that captivates from beginning to end. Spielberg takes the time (two and a half hours) to the viewer dragging in his story. Munich is a movie you are rushing, from the beginning to the end …

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