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the new foundation of LOOkX (Silky Touch) is a (12 hours) long lasting foundation for softening the facial contours and for the optical leveling lines and wrinkles. LOOkX packing is stylish! A nice long bottle with metallic look and pressure pump. E é n pump gives a modest amount of af making it efficient use and your finger tips can serve as an instrument. The new look of LOOkX is trendy and this bag has a beautiful perfume bottle. Look great so not on your dressing table. A disadvantage is that the bottle is quite large and not in my make up bag fits. 12 hours 12 hours the lookx A foundation that stays in place seems to me initially not pleasant. Gets my skin still enough breath? The foundation indeed side feels soft to the touch, but is pretty opaque. Myself I prefer to as natural as possible and that you achieve so not with an opaque layer on your face. However, I have tried the foundation a day, if only to test the longlasting factor.

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A woman who manage to the full twelve hours not to her face to sit I believe should be born. As long as you’re not with your face on your hands supports or itching gets to your forehead the low fixed now be. However, it is not succeeded without handcuffs to hold this layer of twelve hours long.The foundation covered perfectly lubricates be nice and is easy to put in and out with the fingertips to lubricate. As far as I have bumps in my face are perfectly covered, only I get a primed face of. Also you get by the matte coverage a powdery face and that feels to me also what to unnatural to. Of the glaze pigments brand I frankly also not much. The glittering and sparkles maybe a little, but by the matte coverage that no beautiful appearance. Conclusion: for women with a preference for a well covered face is this foundation ideally. For women who want a natural look is LOOkX less suitable.Lookx Silky FoundationOil free, 12 hours long lasting foundation. Take a look at our colour: dark list price: € 36, 95www. com

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