Pearls, heat and green tea

Regenerist Regenerating Serum

Serum it’s Visible \ ‘ is the most expensive of the three, but as far as I’m concerned also the tastiest. You smear your face with it in after cleaning in the evening and the morning, possibly \ \ under your è me dagcr. The serum provides your skin thanks to the so-called amino-peptide complex. That’s according to a groundbreaking new Olaz speck of dust with protein molecules, which repairs damaged skin. In addition, serum contains among other vitamins and green tea. All these fabrics would go, they improve your skin aging in the longer term and it moisturizes the lot. Which is fine if you use it, is that your skin is soft and light reflecting ingredients the \ ‘ \ ‘ make sure you there right away fresher looks. Personally, I think this a pleasant cr è me, but it does, in my opinion, a bit less than the serum what I normally use. Also, it seems not really suitable for all dry skin, but it gave me a very luxury and fresh feeling. Image removed by redactieCream Wash fond of pearls? That seem to sit and those pearls are also enriched with oxygen! This \ ‘ \ ‘ is a luxurious Cream Wash scrubcr è me, that you could use on a daily basis because it does not damage your skin. I myself have a reasonably dry skin and even after a few weeks it is still fine. è Me this cr is also special for problem skin, because it helps to prevent pimples and other woes, because the Dai intensively cleans. And according to Oil of Olaz cell renewal is stimulated by the (hold) ë ran exfoli ingredients. Well, as far as I am concerned, this is a fine scrubcr è me that indeed good cleans and yet mild. Thermo Peeling a chemical peel or micro-dermabrasion makes for a smoother, renewed skin. However, many women that go too far, because you have to not think about it for a few days with a red face walking around! Oil of Olaz now has a special developed peelingcr è me to be safe and especially easy to go home to work, every day. How does it work? The big secret is the heat. The cr è me is hot once it comes into contact with water. That’s the first time a strange sensation, because you can feel the warm è cht be (and that’s good news for the shivering of us) If you wash your face with it. The heat will cause your pori ë n open, leaving your skin is thoroughly cleansed and the active substances better be included. After a lot of dunking feels m \ a sight indeed clean and smooth to the touch, even better than è me after the Cr wash. The magical effect of a real peeling, however, I have not been able to discover, even after a few weeks. All in all it is a very fine scrubcr è me, especially in the cold winter months!  pearls, heat and green tea Conclusion Several beauticians have told me that there is in the products of Oil of Olaz often the same substances as saloncr è in very expensive knife. Only the concentration is lower, making you have to use more than once for the same result. Fortunately the prices accordingly, because these are luxury cr è knife which also fairly soft for your wallet! From March are the two reinigingscr è knife for sale at the drug store, the serum is now available. Prices:-Regenerist Daily Regenerating Serum e. 19.99-Visible Regenerist Daily Regenerating Thermal Peeling e. 7.99-Regenerist Cream Wash e. 6.49 more info:

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