Frank Muller-Shooting On The Go

the book begins with a tip: try before you start your journey the first camera that you are going to use good! Learn to look, the camera to operate and test if it still does everything to the camera. These preparations are d é basis for each travel report. For the purchase of any new or additional camera, are the differences and advantages and disadvantages between a digital, analog, SLR, 35 mm, compact, disposable or fun-camera listed. In a bit of general photography the (technical) terms such as pixels, ISO, shutter speed, Aperture and golden ratio on the basis of clear short pieces of text with convenient images explained. And how to create and use a tripod? Which means cleaning products or drooghoud is best used for your camera? And when a suitable bag for the camera if you’re sport? The answers, and much more useful tips, can be found in the book. In a clear manner in this booklet also addressed the situations you will encounter during a journey photographing undoubtedly. These situations are in \ ‘ \ ‘ Shooting en route on the basis of a number of clear example situations, problems and resolutions. For example, where you must pay attention and take that into consideration if you’re going to be shooting on the water, in the water, in the mountains, in the snow, in the rain or in the desert? If you’re traveling, you should often in short time deciding how you are going to make a picture. How to make the most beautiful pictures from means of transport or movement? What should you look for when making a good portrait, you need the photographed actually pay and how you ask someone to pose? This and much more is all read in \ ‘ \ ‘ Shooting on the go. Basically anything you need to know to shooting on the go, is described in this booklet. \ ‘ \ ‘ Is the ideal Shooting on the road book for the novice and advanced travel photographer. By the handy pocket size it fits easily in your hand luggage or camera bag so you can read everything again during your trip.Image removed by Editor Frank Muller-Shooting on the go. The complete Handbook for digital and analog digital travel photography Completely up-date ISBN 90-389-1676-0 publishing house Elmar MSRP 14,95 euro

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