Lookx gives you the looks!

only the packaging is already a picture. The Lookx products are packaged in a sleek silver with white box which contained a luxurious-looking silver-colored pot with spateltje. We tested two products out …Vitamin cocktail scrub the scrub looks like a McFlurry with M & M’s, but also all the colored balls on. comparison contain vitamins A (blue), E (yellow) and C (green) and remove dead skin cells. You massages the scrub (possibly with massage brush) with a rotary movement across the face, and then rinse it with lukewarm water. Result: a fresh-looking, shiny skin! The product feels nice and soft and reukt to lavender, but has no predominant or penetrating odor. Pearle Mask The Pearle Mask has a creamy yellowish color and a light citrus scent. You bring up a layer of cream on your face to and deletes it after 15 minutes. Unfortunately the mask contains no further instructions, because out of the package is not clear or you delete the remainder with a tissue or with water. Of course, Lookx for sale at the beautician, so these will be able to tell you this in detail. The Pearle Mask makes your skin soft and supple and shows a slight Pearl sheen on your skin. The mask contains collegenase and colhibin for the protection of the Preregen. Simply put, are the two ingredients in particular this anti-ageing. We are very pleased with these products of Lookx. They give the face a fresher appearance and are pleasant to use. And they are also very beautiful on your sink. Absolute cult movies, even though the price is a little on the high side.Lookx € mask Pearle 56.00 LOOkX vitamin www.lookx.com

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