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Sweet Sixteen (2002) Liam has a mother who is in jail and if all goes well she comes just before his 16th birthday smoking. Liam dreams of a family life that he has never known and does everything to make this happen and his mother to be able to keep on the right path. To be able to give this to her life and to be able to live, he must make money. Despite that Liam is very smart, he finds but no work and thus ends up in the illegal circuit. Not long after he sits with a friend deep in the difficulties and in a dangerous situation. Liam knows he must pick up his life, but he can still … Sweet Sixteen is a tragicomic film about social problems close to home, about a life in which young people have to make choices and have to survive on a daily basis. A disarming film.Running time: 1.42.40 Extras: e.g. Original Theatrical Trailer Interview with Martin Compston subtitles: Dutch/French

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Vera Drake (2004) it is 1950. Vera Drake lives with her two adult children and her husband in North London. The Drake Family is a happy and close family. Vera is a lovely wife and assist people to do them a favor. Vera is daily in rich families, does that work with pleasure and she deserves it too what with it. What no one knows is that Vera has a big secret. They help young women at aborting an unwanted child. They do this for free, because these women have no money for expensive doctor’s help. How weird it might sounds, Vera Drake abort out of love for humans. But if é é n of the girls which she aborted a baby gets sick and hospitalised, the police … an investigation in a movie with an impressive story. A sober film with a lot of feeling. A movie where you breath and sometimes even forget that you to watching a movie. Running time: 2.01.17 Extras: Original Theatrical Trailer, among other things, The making of subtitles: Dutch/French

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The Mother (2002) main character May (Anne Reid), is a lonely woman of against the seventy. Together with her husband she leaves their country house for their Toots two children in the busy London to look up. In London soon becomes apparent that the children have for their parents too busy and then unexpectedly dies, if Toots decision May, despite that they are lonely and feel lost, to be with her son to withdraw it. If May continue with her life and falls for the charms of Darren the handyman and he for her, she lives all up. Darren is thirty years younger and apart from the lover of May, also those of her daughter. That an older man with a younger woman has a relationship there rest none the less a taboo on than in a specific way. In The Mother discusses this taboo and a unusual relationship comes with it. Will May, for example, the relationship with her daughter at risk, for her relationship with Darren… The Mother is a surprising film with a complex story, in which love and life are central.Running time: 1.47.16 Extras: Original Theatrical Trailer Interview with Anne reid, Roger Michell and Hanif Kureishi subtitles: Dutch/French/

Image removed by editors off Dear Frankie (2004) 9 year old deaf Frankie lives with his mother Lizzie and Grandma Nell in a small harbour town on the Scotse coast. Lizzie has a conscious this small town chosen so as to protect her son. She tells Frankie for years that his father a world traveler and that he sails on a ship with the name Acra. The truth is far from that. But, to hide and to reinforce her lies, she writes a letter in the name of Frankie to the week her husband. What Lizzie doesn’t know is that the ship Acra even exists. One day submit it like to meet his father and wants to ship to Frankie. In order to protect her lie and son, Lizzie goes looking for a father/husband for é n é day. How far will Lizzie end up going to her son to protect … Dear Frankie is a sweet, beautiful, sentimental film with atmospheric, scenic images.Running time: 1.41.56 Extras: Original Theatrical Trailer subtitles: Dutch/FransAfbeelding removed by editors Cinema Britannia 4 DVD Box 39.99 www. European films .nl In the Cinema Britannia long-sleeve Box, you might find all gems of English movies. I have these movies with great pleasure, emotion and goose bumps views. Would you like to know which Cinema DVD boxes even more available? Look for it on the a-

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