Vichy Dermablend corrective cosmetics ™

a ™ must now change Dermablend. Dermablend ™ was for some years available in America and was recommended by dermatologists, plastic surgeons. But now is also available for the Dutch public Dermablend ™. Dermablend ™ has been developed by a dermatologist and consists of two products. The complexion correction high coverage, an opaque pigment corrective cr è me composed of 40%. And a fixing transparent powder, which causes the cr è keeps me up to 16 hours. The powder is resistant to external conditions such as; perspiration, bathing and friction, making the cr è me so long stays in place. testing ™ and found that it is difficult the Dermablend corrective cr è bring me tidy. The goal is to eliminate the cr è me between your fingers massaging so that it is something more fluid through your body temperature. Despite the trouble the cr è massage me to apply, it is quite visible and difficult to fade. Especially on local impurities it is difficult to apply because you continue to see a difference from your skin and ™ the Dermablend. After applying the powder is the difference a little less. As also promised all day sitting Dermablend remains ™ indeed, the \ ™ is applied in the morning in the evening with Dermablend \ washing your face off. And also gives off, not after a tour by bicycle with a black scarf around the neck, you see no powder or cr è me on the scarf. The foundation collars are a thing of the past. The second test is not tested by Vichy itself, so we can not determine if the outcome is different than it should be. \ at night before bed is made on a stain on the belly ™ Dermablend. \ ™ road is almost all morning Dermablend rubbed and the stain is clearly visible. The third test is on a tattoo, Vichy claims that could hide a tattoo Dermablend ™ complete. But we are not the tattoo away working, black continues to shine through. Only when such a thick layer on è me that the cr is clearly visible on the skin is the color off. By the fixing powder saves the white out and we get the tattoo so not neatly worked away. Dermablend ™ is ideal if you rub your face with it, then it remains in place and covered the stains very well. For local unevenness is it does get easier to use because a standard foundation that you can easily eliminate in the face is.

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There are eight different tones available for each color and type of skin. And Dermablend ™ is on sale at pharmacies, check via the website that closest point of sale near you is: www.dermablend.nlTeintcorrectie high cover Pot: 6 grams price: € 18.95 Fixing powder Pot: 35 grams price: 18.95

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