In Netherlands per year more than ten thousand women breast cancer. The majority is older than 50 years, but also young women can get breast cancer. Just look at the numbers. Seven percent of women with breast cancer are in their 30s. Women between 20 and 29 years make 0.3% of all patients from borstkankerpati ë. The hit comes to extra hard, because you do not expect that you get this rash. You thought that it was a inflamed milk gland went. And now you hear that you have breast cancer. Suddenly no longer so sure your future. What now? Can I still have children? Will my partner at me? The finding raises all kinds of questions. ” I just died when I heard that I had breast cancer. If I could have read when stories of other young women, I’d know better. Breast cancer does not mean the end. I had so many questions, but found nowhere the answer. Not in the hospital. Not on the internet. ” Therefore start Gandhi a discussion on Viva-forum. There she learned women know that experienced the same or had experienced. They exchanged tips and experiences. é é N, ” there was only problem. The information collected in the archive every time after a while disappeared and was inaccessible. This is why we decided to start a website. A place to meet fellow sufferers. ” On you can ë ren discussi on the forum. Here you can put all your questions. Under your name or anonymously by a nickname to use. The site is not intended to provide medical information. You’ll find right tips that specialists will give you. ” We are experienced experts. You can during your chemotherapy the best diet Coke drinks. This is an example of that practical tips that you don’t get from your specialist ” explains Gandhi from. Every day there are about 40,000 to 45,000 times looked on the site went online on 1 september 2004. The average number of visitors fluctuates daily around the 400 unique visitors. E é n of them is \ ‘ Baba \ ‘. They knew little about breast cancer when on its 22nd DCIS, the first stage of breast cancer, it was found. ” When the Amazons I find recognition, compassion and information that I find very important in this situation. ” The Amazons do not despair. Feels so \ ‘ \ ‘ Pichi feel better since she has found the Amazons. ” It’s fine to your problems, but also to be able to share cool stuff with fellow sufferers of your own age. I have gotten more confidence and energy to fight. I hope that many young women facing breast cancer also find this site so they also get the Amazon-power to fight on. ” Aruna Giri Sharma \ ‘ \ ‘ has a lot to the site. ” Here is always place for my questions, doubts and uncertainties. It doesn’t matter at what time of day. Always there is someone online that you can answer questions. On my turn I help other women. That interaction is great. ” The participants share weal and woe with each other, therefore friendships often arise. Therefore organize the Amazons meetings throughout the country. Gandhi: ” So we took a group to the Sauna in Utrecht and we have a new year lunch hosted in Nijmegen. A walk through Groningen and a visit to a stage performance in Arnhem are on the agenda. By these encounters is the contact and involvement with one another even bigger. ”

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