James Blunt brings HMH in Rapture

even though we only now hear from him is certainly no newcomer James Blunt (28). He has been playing violin and piano since his childhood and he also plays the guitar on virtuoso manner. James Blunt yesterday gave his first major concert on Dutch soil in the sold-out Heineken Music Hall. There he managed himself with his familiar, simple and nowhere covered numbers the public good to unwind. In Amsterdam were James sung many songs Word for Word and certainly had a ‘ cliq \ ‘ with its largely female audience.

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It wasn’t a long action (it could not be otherwise when you have only 1 album), but one that made an impression. The power is there at James in that his songs easily digestible, but is certain content and often a fairly dark slant. With a single acoustic guitar, some loose piano sounds and percussion not to mention the high, pleasant (somewhat rasperige) voice the singer know just the right chord

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