Are you psychic?

the seven chapters in the book are all about another part of psychic ability. There are some interesting questions in the book with which you can investigate who you are and whether you possess psychic abilities. The book also helps you strengthen and possibly using your gifts. For example, in the first chapter you can discover if your hidden psychic abilities property. Also be given to the development of these opportunities. Perhaps have you ever seen colors around people or other living organisms. This is the aura. The human aura is a \ ‘ \ ‘ someone’s life and character map. Both physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The book describes a number of techniques that you can discover your own aura. Also the topics intu ï tie, meditation, positive thinking and more explained.Image removed by editors Chapter 2 focuses on extrasensory perception, it should you think of mind reading or telepathy. The book devotes a number of pages to the development thereof. So it begins with the classic method of parapsychologist Karl Zener. Probably everyone has this ever been tried. Karl Zener has a series of five cards with simple shapes designed. (circle, square, cross, Star and waves). You can buy, but also themselves. Then let a friend the cards shaking and concentrate on 1 card. It is then up to you to guess. What will be covered further in this chapter is remote viewing, seeing places where you have never been to explain objects, reading, dreams, actually too many to mention. Chapter 3 is dedicated to paragnostische tools. These tools can give ordinary communication insights. The best known example of this is astrology. Also in this chapter, among other things, the I Ching treated, reading tarot cards, the use of a shuttle or a dowsing rod and reading tea leaves, hands and runes. When reading runes meditation plays an important role. As well as maps of Karl Zener are the runes for sale, but also themselves.

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Everyone sends healing energy from ë n. Often without you know. Laugh at people, take the time to listen to someone and rub over your hand if you’ve done your pain are examples of healing energy ë n. Chapter 4 is about spiritual healing and on energy ë n that can help us in our health and well-being. There is theory on the heal yourself and others and the way you garden can heal. Also, there are some elements you can use with heal, such as crystals, color and sound. A brief explanation for each part is how you can apply. Communication with non-corporeal beings such as ghosts and Angels standing in Chapter 5 Central. An example of this is are or will contact with the spirits of deceased humans. A becoming something increasingly known by people like Char and tv shows like Medium. The book explains that it can be dangerous itself make contact and the ouijabord as an example. Meditation is also an important part. By meditation, people are more receptive to the spirit world. Chapter 6 is about psychic protection. You should protect yourself against attackers if you plan to develop your abilities. To protect yourself against negative energy ë n is through your aura to keep healthy and strong. Another way to do this is through amulets and talismans. An amulet is known for its protective effect, but it doesn’t mean they attract happiness. For this is the talisman. The book describes some thirty talismans and amulets that can protect you. Finally, the consequences of a higher consciousness covered in Chapter 7. It is the end of the book that the last couple of topics such as mysticism, karma and the channeling of spiritual messages. If you possess certain gifts it is important to still remain with both feet on the ground.Image removed by editors it is an easy-to-read book that you introduce in a fun way with all types of paranormal ability out there. Each part is short and concise, but clearly explained. There are commands at given so you can try it all for yourself.Author: Julie Soskin ISBN: 9038916736 175 page \ ‘

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