Secretly electric?

Oral-B gives a new dimenssie to manual brushing your teeth with Pulsar ™. This manual toothbrush is the way of brushing teeth for people who like to manually shine and here want to achieve the best result. Pulsar has unique ™-MicroPulse bristles: this ” pulsing ” and vibrate gently while brushing. As a result, they could have deeper and more effective cleaning between teeth. The yellow MicroPulse bristles move independently back and forth, in two directions. On the yellow bristles are blue layers made of elastomer. If the bristles between the teeth have come, these layers against the surface of the tooth. By the soft plaque and food particles are lifted and pulsating movement wiped off. At the same time, the pulsing movement sure the gum being massaged and blood flow is stimulated. We tried the Pulsar obviously out and we have to say that he is for an electric toothbrush. The teeth feel cleaner and smoother than with just hand shine. The toothbrush looks like a regular toothbrush with the difference that there is an on/off button and perch. The trembling of the toothbrush is something you should be able to or to get used to. We experienced the scratchy feeling in the hand, which causes flickering, as unpleasant. Perhaps this is a matter of getting used to. Our only concern was actually: how we replace the battery? This is not to replace it. Based on two times a day 2: Shine, will lose its strength the supplied battery after three months. And that’s according to the opinion of the dentist exactly the time to replace it with a toothbrush. The battery thus helps to replace the toothbrush to help when needed.The Pulsar is available in four colors (blue, red, green and purple) and two variants: soft and medium. The Oral-B Pulsar is from March 2006 available at drugstores and supermarkets for the suggested retail price of € 5.99.

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