DVD: CSI Miami season 2

the first tv series Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) on the technical investigation in Las Vegas was so \ ‘ n success that this was quickly followed by spin-offs about their colleague’s in Miami and New York. CSI: Miami \ ‘ A city to die for \ ‘ was started in 2002 and is produced by CBS. On this three-part DVD box you will find the episodes 2.13 to 2.24 of the second season CSI: Miami. Did you want to always see that episode with the fire in the Everglades, or about rapper 10-Large? Then go back and view the exciting and often gruesome 8.5 hours long findings of the forensic detectives from sunny Miami. RTL5 will start on 28 February with the fourth season of this successful series. Then this DVD box a nice warm-up. Currently, the repeats of season three on RTL5 repeated.

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dvd 1: Blood Moon-Slow Burn-Stalkerazzi-Invasiondvd 2: Money for Nothing-Wannabe-Deadline-The Oathdvd 3: Not Landing-Rap Sheet-MIA/NYC-Nonstop-Innocent any disk has two extra features, including commentary on the episode MIA/NYC-Nonstop, a tour of the laboratory and a feature about special effects. It’s nice to see how the filmmakers to the often stunning \ ‘ \ ‘ zoom-in movies that explain what happened during a murder. This DVD box CSI: Miami is an asset to every fan and has a sublime image and sound quality. On the collection of series 3 and 4! DVD: CSI Miami season 2 CSI: Miami DVD box, series two, episodes 2.13 up 2.24 CBS Productions Thriller

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