Anthony Swofford-Jarhead

oil wells are bombarded. The sky turns black. There follows a gas alarm every night. Flyers to the population to persuade you to surrender are thrown from a plane. One after another bombing takes place. When Swofford with fifty pounds on the back and a high-tech weapon in the hand plows on through the desert, he wonders why? What is he doing here in the sand without any protection from the fierce heat. Iraqi soldiers can pop up any time. Everywhere he sees corpses. During his training he has learn shooting, but during this war, the marine never use his gun. Swofford has its findings superbly written down. You don’t put this book away before you have read it at all. Never mind if you don’t like war books holds. \ ‘ Jarhead \ ‘ is a very nice readable book. Swofford tells not only about his time as a marine during the first Gulf war. He writes about his youth, training, about companionship and for the period after the war. This is the story of a little boy in the footsteps of his father, who once fought in Viet Nam, would enter into force. Of a boy who is betrayed by his girlfriend. A twenty year old marine who returns to America as a man. The lively writing style of Swofford gives you a fair idea of the war, the misery, the anxiety and camaraderie. You should certainly have read. You’re not a reader? Never mind. The film adaptation of the book runs on this point in cinema. The direction is in the hands of Sam Mendes. Anthony Swofford is played by Jake Gyllenhaal. Jarhead-Chronicle of a Gulf war veteran Anthony SwoffordUitgeverij: Spectrum Size: 282 pages.List price: € 14, 95ISBN: 90-712-0606-8

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