Nanny McPhee: the magical Nanny in Premiere

yesterday the movie Nanny McPhee about the magical Nanny in Amsterdam Tushinski went in premiere. Nanny McPhee is about a widower (Colin Firth) who for his seven naughty children have to take care of. He will search nar a nanny, but nobody likes it when the children out. Sense because they are just badgered. Mr. Brown tries it one more time: he comes in contact with Nanny McPhee (Emma Thompson). Time and time again he hears about her talk, but he has no idea where he can find her. But then one day they just in front of the door: the magical nanny Nanny McPhee, for they show even about magical powers have. So it goes there in huize McPhee a whole lot of change. Even the children learn how to behave…

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The British actors Emma Thompson and Colin Firth were present to promote the movie in Netherlands. At cinema Tusinshki in Amsterdam they came into contact with the press and the fans. They did interviews and introduced the film. Emma Thompson had another purpose: In Amsterdam the Anne Frank tree, she opened the first community website of the Anne Frank Foundation.

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