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Dogville (2003) Dogville is a ge ï completely isolated town that is fallen asleep by the outside world and where never something happens. There is about to change as Grace, on the run from a group of dangerous gangsters, arrives in Dogville. Thanks to the help of writer Thomas Edison Jr. will find them accommodation, and the close-knit community to keep its hiding. There is, however, a condition attached: if they must carry out various activities for the residents. If that makes that Grace is dependent on them, they go, including physical abuse of her. Experience them soon that there are a lot of dark secrets are in Dogville. However, what the residents do not know, is that Grace also has a big secret, something the village eventually will be expensive. Dogville is a film by Lars von Trier and recorded in a studio with a minimal decor and thereby – – especially in the beginning very special to watch. However as a viewer in the course of the nearly three-hour film drawn into the story.Running time: 170 minutes Extras: Original Theatrical Trailer · Audiocommentary · by director Lars von Trier & cinematographer Anthony Dod Mantle Image removed by redactieLilja 4-ever (2002) the 16-year-old Lilja lives in a sad suburb in the former Soviet Union, who is about to move to America with her mother for a new life. Her mother and a friend travel ahead and keep Lilja for that they can come later. If they do not hear anything from her mother and there is no money is sent, realizes Lilja that her mother let her. They should only in a rancid flat living without water and electricity. The only positive in her life is her friendship with neighbour Volodya. In order to live, she sells her body for money in town. When they met, she is in love with Andrei and he promises her a better life in Sweden. She leaves, which Volodya commits suicide by pills to swallow. Once we arrived in Sweden shows all the misery of for af to start for Lilja. Until they get the chance to escape … the film takes the viewer in the poor living in the Eastern bloc and shows how much Lilja desperately looking for love and happiness. Running time: 109 minutes Extras: Original Theatrical Trailer · · subtitles: Dutch/FransAfbeelding removed by redactieOpen hearts (2002) at the time the young couple Cecile and Joachim are about to get married, their life is hit by a car as Joachim thrown into confusion and paralysis from his neck. He is hit by Marie, the wife of Niels, in whose hospital to Joachim. While Joachim is increasingly by Cecile concluding, she gets more contact Niels. The two feel attracted to each other and there is a relationship, which for the other parties is kept secret. If it turns out that Niels ‘ daughter Stine knowledge, comes the truth still above water. Although the story is quite dramatic in itself, there remains room for humor in the film, which makes it pleasant to look at. Though remains unclear how it goes with the main characters as the movie is over … running time: 110 minutes Extras: Original Theatrical Trailer · · Commentary Track by Susanne Bier and other Cast & Crew-members have been · Featurette: ” Open Hearts ” at film festival (+/-10 min) · Press Conference: San Sebastian International Film festival 2002 (+/-27 min) · Deleted Scenes (with optional commentary by Susanne Bier) (+/-12 min) · Zulu Award (+/-4 min) · Music from the soundtrack (4 songs) (· FilmographiesALL extra’s are only English & French subtitled) FransAfbeelding redactieThe · subtitles: Dutch/removed by sea (2002) This family drama is set in a remote fishing village in Iceland, where the fishermen by the economic malaise are forced to their visaandeel to sell to larger companies. Thordur, who own the old factory property, think not to sell. To arrange his succession, he calls his children back to the village. Haraldur has for many years been active in the company, but want to sell the whole thing, while son and daughter have begun a life Agust Ragnheidur elsewhere. Although they come back to the village, they want to take over the company. During a family dinner tells father to his children that they will get no inheritance, after which all dark secrets from the past and the mutual tensions to surface. The whole reaches its climax as Thordur factory in flames…Running time: 105 minutes Extras: Original Theatrical Trailer · Cast & Crew Information · · subtitles: Dutch/French the four movies in the Cinema Scandinavia have certainly surprised me dvd-box. Although not as well in advance I knew what to expect, I was swept up in the story yet again with each film. Striking is that all the stories contain a piece of drama, as if it were part of life in the North of Europe. But definitely a must. The Cinema series contains even more dvd boxes, which can be found on Image removed by editors ScandinaviaA movie

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