Guido Weijers: ' ' the public gives me power

How are you? Very good and busy! I’m sitting in the middle of the preparations of XIPNAO! \ ‘ \ ‘, my new show. Every night I try new things during the try-out. It is quite right.What is \ ‘ XIPNAO! \ ‘ about? Hmm … About that children more spontaneous and schaamtelozer than great people. About green knee ë n after reading the newspapers laaf, factory farming, ego ï sme, snails that crossing and dried peas at classmates in the ear plugs. Expected speed, no breaks, house music and lots of jokes about recognizable everyday things.Where do you get your inspiration from? From everyday life, but also from my childhood. That goes from my dishwasher broke down yesterday to Nils Holgersson watch on tv. Of a dead Sparrow at Domino d-day to in elementary school you fountain pen open screws, the stuffing out and the balls that in it languished, save in jewel cases. Totally useless, but everyone else did that.Your first show you played more than 350 times, not that bored? I didn’t find any problem for that show so often play. Just beautiful that each theater wanted me back! Every night is different with me. The texts are never completely stuck. Along with the room we make the party. And that room every evening is different. That’s the beauty of theatre! My evening is perfect when I’m sharp, fast, energetic and the Hall goes completely crazy.What’s your ideal night out anyway? That’s an unplanned summer evening. That you actually didn’t want to go steps, however, and because everyone suddenly cheerful, it will take until the morning light. Especially the walk home I find beautiful. The world is waking up again.When did you think: I’m going to comedian be? That I never really decided. It was just so. Could not be otherwise. In elementary school I did a play almost every week at the week end piece. In the bridge class I knew everything by heart of Youp van ‘t Hek. On the graduation ceremony of my READING, I did my best friend together with a large part of the graduation cabaret. During my study at NHTV trad I on in students associations. Everything started when I was in november 2000 on Cameretten cabaret festival, the largest of Netherlands, won the audience award. I suddenly had a management and if really the theaters in. If I don’t, I’d be a clown or comedian dj ç on Cura ao, teacher social studies or events organiser. In any case, something where you can help people, they can learn something or can deliver a good time.Word you often compare with other comedians? In the beginning I was often compared to Theo Maassen; content and Jochem Myjer; speed, ADHD. Nowadays more and more people know what I do and that comparisons are no longer necessary. There is only é é n Guido Weijers. … Are you home happy just as hyper as on stage? Haha, no not at all. I have a new House since last year and that really feels like home. The hyperactivity on stage comes from the room. The public gives me that power. At home I have no audience … everything is quiet.Describe yourself in a few words? Ambitious, chaotic, creative, passionate, opinionated, energy, limitless, rectilinear, Lion, Fireworks.How does it feel now to be familiar? It is so far very nice. Fortunately my notoriety of a different sort than that of the Idols. Seems to me terribly to just girls of twelve to have around that screaming for an autograph questions. Sometimes ask people whether they are allowed on the picture with me, but all just relaxed. I would be lying if I’d say I don’t like it that I have fans. I work me at all the labelling, but with great pleasure. It’s nice when people appreciate that. Compliments of women stroking still just slightly more. That will the hormones are … would you like to see Guido, please check out 11 and 18 February at 23.15 to SBS6. The registration of \ ‘ Myosotis \ ‘ is then repeated. Surf to and check out his site. On do you make this week likely to

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