Hair loss in women

about 40 to 50% of all women will sooner or later suffer from this form of hair loss. It seems that the last time this type of hair loss ever more frequently and at an ever younger age occurs. Androgenetic alopecia (AA) would be the result of a combined effect of male hormone and genetic predisposition. Persons who have family members with AA, have an increased chance to likewise AA Mikulic. AA also has to do with age and breed. In individuals with a white skin color comes a a more abundant than in individuals with a different skin color. The sensitivity to the male hormone plays a major role in AA. Everyone, both men and women, has the male hormone in the body. All its roots respond to the male hormone. However, personal sensitivity to the male hormone is dependent. For men, this clearly visible. There are men who at the age of 15 as bald as a billiard ball, but there are also men who at the age of 50 have still the entire head of hair. This diversity is also present in women, but from the itself differently. In women from the mainly with thinning on top and thinner and slacker hair with be ¬ are like the front hairline. A bald Crown as with men meets, in principle, not for. This type of hair loss can begin at the age of 15, but also at the age of 60.

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It is a natural process, and like all natural processes are not or hardly affect this to be ï. Miracle cures against this form of hair loss are unfortunately not. One can by means of medicines the natural process trying to stabilize or slow down, making what one still has to be retained, but it remains cumbersome.Her ® Her stem cell transplantation stem cell transplantation (HST) is a newly developed patented hair transplant technique, developed by Hair Science Institute in collaboration with doctor/researcher Coen Gho. From his surveys show that only single hair stem cells in the hair root and not the entire bag is necessary to regenerate hair growth. This is the scientific basis for its stem cell transplantation. This revolutionary technique are single hair stem cells from the donor area removed by means of a specially developed small instrument with a diameter of only 0.5 to 0.6 mm. This is smaller than a needle used for blood samples. The very small holes that remain cured very quickly, after only a few hours are almost invisible, have no stitches needed and leave no scars. The extracted cells will be transplanted to the new area, the coverage area, to produce new hair. With HST only her stem cells, so n í et all hair, transplanted from the donor area to the receiving area. The donor hairs are so not entirely removed, so just continue to grow again, making the donor area is preserved for subsequent treatments.

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Moreover, HST absolutely no scars after, nor in the donor, nor in the receiving area. This makes HRT not only as only method suitable for treating hair loss in women, but also in the face to be applied to eyebrows, mustache or beard to be restored. On the principle of the HST technique explained through animation films. For more information mail to On 11 and 12 March you can get acquainted with Hair Science Institute at the New Beauty fair.[center]Image removed by editor [/center]

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