Cassis Rose

not only is there a delicious Cassis Rose Eau de Toilette, great fit for daily use, but there is also the Cassis Rose Perfume Oil. This is more concentrated and thereby the longest lasting form of the perfume. There is also the Cassis Rose Body is missing: a non-greasy body mist and there is the Cassis Rose Body lotion to keep your skin with it to take care of. Of course a Shower Gel and Soap not lacking in this new line. The Body Shop needs no further introduction with over 2000 stores worldwide. Yet it is well to remember that all their products are animal-friendly (they are not tested on animals!) and that The Body Shop Community Trade program. I.e. they worldwide, at 28 different suppliers, natural ingredients ë patients and accessories purchases for a fair price. For suppliers, this means that ó k ó their community benefit. In this way they are able to fulfill broader objectives in their community in a way that they themselves choose. As a customer of The Body Shop are you so sure that the product you buy from top grade quality is é n that with your purchase supports these communities worldwide. That gives your purchase an extra special touch!

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The whole Cassis Rose line is, beyond the fact that he smells delicious, also very affordable. The Eau de Toilette is a simple bright pink bottle (30 ml) and costs only € 13. The Perfume Oil (30 ml) may call for all your yours € 18. The Body Mist (100 ml) costs € 10 and for the Body Lotion (200 ml) you will pay the same. It only remains for me the Shower Gel (200 ml) and the Soap Opera of (100 grams) to call it, for € € 8 and 4 respectively. Not only are these products to pamper yourself with delicious, but also when you are looking for a fragrant gift are these products a shot in ‘ the Rose ‘

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