everything changes when

shows there are someone goes to France. In the trunk of his wonderful oldtimer cabriolet is Tim (Tygo Gernandt). Joy has him drugged. She wants to kill, together with rose and Chantal Tim so they will remain forever girlfriends. The whole ride you wonder when that happens. Joy seems in the beginning then a rock hard gothic-aunt, but she turns into a vulnerable girl. Tim still actually she wants to kill? Chantal and Rose more determined. Tim must be dead. He has seen their passport and know they have murdered a Frenchman. If they not kill everything Tim, he will tell police. Chantal is here above all convinced. She looks like a smiley face, Chantal has a dark side. Verbaan plays that very well. You notice that something is wrong with the girl, but you have no idea what. \ ‘ Joyride \ ‘ is an impressive thriller. Peggy Vrijens, Georgina Verbaan, Dorien Haan and Tygo Gernandt play all four strong. The story is maybe not that great, right trap you as a viewer no time to sleep. As a viewer you will be surprised every time. Occasionally the tensions run so high on. look at you remains to the end, because you still want to know if the girls go kill the innocent student. You’ll find there not much at the outset? Watch leave anyway, because the end is extremely surprising.  Joyride JoyrideRegie: Frank herrebout starring: Georgina Verbaan, Tygo Gernandt, Peggy Vrijens and Dorien de Haan Genre: Thriller Setting: 87 minutes Extra’s: Trailers and è € Rrp: 13, Sc 99Joyride ne Selection appears on 7 February

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