Silent Witness

the first film Buried Lies, is about the start of Sam Ryan, as she is usually called, in Birmingham, where she just terugverhuisd is from London. She now lives near her family; her sister Wyn with her son and her demented mother, who live in in at Wyn. In this episode gets Sam to do with the drowning of a six-year-old girl. Slowly it becomes clear that more is going on, and even though the police initially do not agree with her, Sam Ryan bites itself in the research. Little by little she comes there then behind exactly what happened and why. Though somewhat confusing is her relationship with some policemen, first, they suggested, it looks like they are her and her later, in their eyes have long been dubious, methods common. In the second DVD, Long Days, Short Nights, come occult issues. Sam investigates the death of a man who has lived in a House together with others where they were trying to escape the reality. One of those people is the prime suspect, especially because he is an expert in the field of the occult, and at the place where the body found is all kinds of interesting finds are made. Of course, only after Sam looking forward is gone. Also here collides them again with the police, who at one point even the case off her hands. Of course, Sam just by using her research and they know the mystery to unravel.

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DVD three; Darkness Visible, is the most exciting. This must Sam Ryan possible violent abuse by the police investigations. Not surprisingly, she is also quite opposed. Striking is that they are now supported by ‘ Super Intendent ‘ Farmer, who in previous cases correct little confidence in her suggested. In addition to all the concerns of her work also now comes to life, her é priv as her old love Liam suddenly appears in her life. Of course she is thereby also not prevent to bring this matter to a conclusion, although they eventually get helped by the police itself. Her relationship with Liam is not quite as planned, and the film ends somewhat unsatisfactory, partly because in the next episode is on there no longer returned. The last DVD, Sins of the Fathers, is the most interesting. This because the problem of Vietnamese boat people is taken and also because more insight comes in the circumstances of the death of Sam’s father, who is murdered by the IRA. In this episode the charred body found of a Vietnamese man in a restaurant, and although initially is thought to be the owner of the restaurant is, it turns out later that the matter is more complicated still. Of course, eventually discovered how everything works, and also Sam’s relationship with her sister, who still blames her the death of their father, comes at the end of this episode yet to bid, in which the mutual feelings are pronounced and they can with a clean slate.

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After watching six hours of Silent Witness, there are a few things that stand out. It is up to the reader whether they experience this as positive or negative. First of all, the free slow films, not suitable for lovers of fast action. In addition, nes geweldssc è often will be shown pretty realistic. Other images, on the other hand, are very stylistic, almost soft filmed, as for example liefdessc è nes or a picture of someone in a boat on the water. Finally, the external difference between the beautiful, well-kept carri è revrouw Sam and her somewhat dishevelled and unkempt sister Wyn as mother with a poorly paid job very stereotyped. It is also a pity that the cover of the DVD box with a picture of Sam Ryan with two employees who play until later in the series and totally do not appear in the episodes that sit in this box. 4 DVD Pack

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