Grammy winner Vicente Amigo in Netherlands

Vicente played with Sting, with the legendary singer Pele and with many other great musicians. In 1992 he performed in the series Guitar Legends with John McLaughlin and Al Dimeola. In Japan, the u.s., the Latin American countries are France, Italy Spain, ë and of course the rooms standard sold out as Vicente plays there. Vicente is a pure musician who are guided by his sense. In his work are traces of jazz, latin-jazz and classical music can be found. Vicente Amigo, also known as the natural successor to the world famous Paco de Luc í (a), is has become a legend. He is referred to by all flamenco guitar players as an example. He is in possession of many (flamenco) awards, including the Latin Grammy Award in 2001. Further prizes include Premios Mejor Guitarrista Flamenco, Premios de la Musica 1998 and 1999 Premios de la Musica. Vicente was last in Netherlands in 2002 in a sold out crowd in Amsterdam and he was later for packed halls in Antwerp and Brussels. Un Momento en el Sonido \ ‘ \ ‘ is much more than Flamenco. Vicente comes with its seven-piece band and two special guests to Netherlands. The sensational dancer Rafael del Pino \ é \ ‘ é ‘ El Keko is one of the special guests. Rafael is winner of the Concurso Nacional de Arte Flamenco and won second prize at the Festival of La Uni ó n. El Mundo wrote about this 27-year-old dancer: ” this dancer, who wants to be both traditional and innovative, is a big promise! ” The second special guest is singer Blas C ó C√≥rdoba, which during the last North Sea Jazz Festival made a great impression on the public. Play list and book 10 March – March – Concert Hall The Concertgebouw Brugge 11 Goals 12 March – Arenberg Schouwburg Antwerp 14 March – Concertgebouw Amsterdam 16 March – muziekcentrum Vredenburg Utrecht –

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