Liv Kristine-Enter my Religion

a woman with long blond hair, her lips bright red gestift, dressed in chic black and with her hands folded as if she’s going to pray, that is in brief how the sleeve of the CD looks like. Liv Kristine, in graceful letters have Enter my Religion. I find it sound like an invitation, I’ll take’m to and stop the CD in the CD player. The album starts with guitars that a swinging metal Racine heard, Liv Kristine falls in with a voice that fits in a pop song. The song slowly builds on and you hear that it is a soprano. I have the idea that they had been allocated a maximum is, with her voice. Despite that the number \ ‘ Over the Moon \ ‘ is called, I find it simple and sound a little down. A pity I think, while the second number hovers in my living room. Violins, Spanish guitar, piano, an immersive beat and a bright fairy-tale voice. \ ‘ Fake a Smile \ ‘ is a completely different number than \ ‘ Over the Moon \ ‘. Wow, here I can get used to it I think, and full of anticipation I listen further. I am surprised time and time again, number after number. Whether it’s My Revelation \ ‘ \ ‘, ‘ Coming Home, \ \ ‘ Trapped in your Labyrinth \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ For a Moment or is called, Enter my Religion is an album that is full of musical variety and an album which Liv Kristine clearly shows that she is a singer with quality! The twelve songs on this album are generally trippy, atmospheric and symphonic songs, but to prevent you fall asleep comes there every now and then a slightly firmer gothic-rock song over. Or a pop song and even a surprisingly delicious up-tempo number. Yes, even the cover of Bruce Springsteen-Streets of Philadelphia-I don’t find annoying to listen to. All in all, it is not yet clear what me Liv Kristine her Religion, but her album will be convincing about it. Liv Kristine Enter my Religion to me is a nice mix of Within Temptation, The Corrs and a young Madonna. But then on his Norwegian…Image removed by redactieLiv Kristine-Enter my Religion running time: 45 minutes and five secondenWebsite of Liv Kristine Release: 6 March 2006CNR order now! nosave Liv Kristine-Enter my Religion  Liv Kristine-Enter my Religion

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