Guzman, in!

maybe you know the shows on this DVD already. the three conferences that Javier Guzman St. Nicholas in 2002, 2003 and 2004 for the VARA has created, are now bundled. Part 1 is included in the Leidse Schouwburg. Part 2 in a packed club Panama in Amsterdam. This broadcast is never appeared on DVD and should therefore not missing from your Guzman collection. Part 3 is broadcast from an abandoned factory. That this old show goes, doesn’t matter. Guzman ensures that there is again a smile on your face appears as you hear his jokes. Fragments such as \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘, Verdonk to work Mr. President \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ and Animals remain funny. Here’s some good Please note during assembling. Pieces that are now incomprehensible, you come not against. All three dvd’s contain extra’s. so you can select the sc è nes at all. On part 1, you can see Mount \ ‘ \ ‘ Guzman. You’ll then see how it goes on behind the scenes to go. Part 2 contains \ ‘ \ ‘ The Making of the show in Panama. This is a must see, because it was all not like Guzman wanted it. Also part 3 contains \ ‘ \ ‘ and The Making of promo’s of the performance. In addition, you can also to an interview with Guzman look over the Conference and everything related to St. Nicholas. The great thing about this collection is that you see grow Guzman. In short time, Guzman has become one of the Netherlands’s é é topcabaretiers é n all that after its profit of the public – and jury prize at the Leids Cabaret Festival in 2002. The Sinterklaas conferences are an idea of Guzman. He dreams as debutant on the new year’s Eve conference, but it takes a long time before you finally are ready. The Saint Nicholas conference is a wonderful alternative. For Guzman is now around the circle. It is now the turn of the next generation of young comedians for which after all the Sinterklaas conference was set up. Even though Guzman continue it from me, because it is really a topcabaretier.  Guzman shares out! Javier Guzman – \ ” Guzman shares from! 1 to 3 \ ‘ released by: CNR Entertainment, 2006Categorie: from 12 jaarGeschatte time: 53: 58 (1), 1: 09: 56 (2) & 1: 27: 10 (3) list price: 27.99

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