Get rich or die trying

é é in addition to the dealing has Marcus still n passion: reading. If he his jeugdvriendin NET Charlene (Joy Bryant) after 10 years again and they fall in love again, he realizes that his way of life not very conducive to his relationship. Therefore he decides after a prison sentence and the birth of his child, under encouragement from a good friend and his grandparents, to turn our backs on the drug scene and in full to throw on a rap-carri è re. This is him not readily accepted by its former drug boss and he is thwarted by him in every way possible. He must even fear for his life. Eventually he, with the help of his loved ones, his dream (rapper are) a reality.

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The story is loosely based on the life of the protagonist, the well-known rapper Curtis ” 50 cent ” Jackson, better known as, which makes his debut in this film. It’s soon clear that Jackson has more sense of rapping than of acting. He plays his role ë motioneerd, making a total of onge you don’t really sympathize with him. The punch line of the story: criminal follows his dream and is rapper, does not come well out of the paint. This is partly due to the fact that the movie has so many characters, making him, despite the rapid shots, log and no smooth whole. In addition, the lean story in a lot less time than the 116 minutes that stand, to tell.

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The Director tries to concentrate too much on the raw live in a ghetto and you get the impression that violence is glorified. The choice of the Director, Jim Sheridan, is amazing when you look at his movies made so far, including the sensitive ” In America ” , the dramatic ” In the name of the father ” , the intellectual ” My left foot ” . The only agreement that I can find out is that they are all more or less based on true stories. Good acting performance can you expect from Terence Howard as Bama, his prison buddy who is his best friend, his grandmother, played by veteran player Viola Davis and his girlfriend Charlene, played by Joy Bryant. If you like hip hop and/or fan of ” 50 Cent ” , it is well worth to go see this movie, but don’t expect high too much of. A good alternative seems to me to buy the soundtrack.Director: Jim Sheridan Cast: Curtis ” 50 cent ” Jackson, Terence Howard, Joy Bryant and others Genre: action, drama, music, crime Get rich or die trying running since 7 February. in Dutch cinemas

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