Cuur; the natural slimming Accelerator

everyone feels at their best at a certain weight. Often this is the weight that is good for your health. A few pounds more can usually not so much evil. It only becomes a problem as the number of pounds too much a danger to health. According to figures from the Health Council of the Netherlands is struggling for 40 percent of the adult Dutch people who are overweight. The number of people who are overweight continues to increase steadily. Are you slightly heavier than that you would like to be? Do you feel that you will feel happier with a few pounds less? Then it is very important that you make sure that you have enough moves and whether you eat healthily. Cuur is a natural weight loss accelerator that helps you to adopt a healthier lifestyle, and you also helps lose weight. On the site and in the package leaflet of Cuur is a link to the site by There you can on the basis of a questionnaire to see how it is with your health. The are the four active natural ingredients ë patients of Cuur, green tea extract, é extract, Yerba Mat White Birch leaf extract and Forkoli extract, which together ensure that; 1. reduces fat absorption in the body, i.e. not all fat from your diet is recorded/stored in your body, 2. stimulates fat burning, 3. promotes basal metabolism 4. keeps you fit and energetic, 5. the pull decreases. The capsules are available in a Starter Pack of 60 capsules and in a benefit package of 150 capsules. At the Pack you will receive a user manual that you extensively on the importance of healthy eating habits and movement points. In addition, recommended on the packaging to let you coaching by a specialist in the area, such as a di ë tiste or a nutritionist. Also you will receive in the package a tape measure, with which you can measure your waist on. So you can see if your result is posted. It is intended that you take two capsules with a glass of water at breakfast swallows, two at lunch and at dinner é é n. It is important that you don’t take in after 20: 00, because the Yerba Mat é extract your energy increases and you thereby may not fall asleep. Itself I noticed at my first attempt that I got extra energy, I was only in the afternoon after the second dose \ a little dizzy. So I decided to stop after two days with the cure. At my second try I had the same complaints. In the leaflet could I find failed, there was only mention that in some cases the bowel movement smoother was, something usually is experienced as pleasant. After consultation with TS Products, which have brought on market Cuur, we come to the conclusion that I’m not to the daily snacks keep and thereby maybe some hypersensitive am for the extract that energy increases. They advise me to consult with my di ë tiste and I am pointed out that these snacks of interest to my blood level, which then is too low, which makes me dizzy in combination is metCuur. The opinion is therefore to ensure that you eat regularly, and in addition to the three main meals also ensure that the snacks are not forgotten. I also received the advice that if you forget your dose once these snacks at lunch reduces to é n é capsule. Before I started with Cuur, I was already under treatment at a di ë tiste concerning the excess pounds during my pregnancy that I had arrived. Actually, it is quite simple; by properly and regularly to eat, drink and move, you lose the pounds by itself. The important thing is that you yourself want to lose weight, because otherwise it does not. With the support of Cuur, I hope the last pounds to get rid of. I’m now 2 pounds and feel energetic, healthy and well. I expect if I have completed the course of treatment, I finally obtained my goal weight. More information can be found on the site of Cuur a pack with 60 capsules costs 19.75 euros, the Pack with 150 capsules costs

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