Colin Firth: " I have no interesting private life "

Easy it is not to a well-known actor. That are having the handsome Englishman personally on a regular basis. As he runs outside or even go shopping then he has immediately to bunch of photographers behind him. ” When I started this job, I knew that this sort of thing were waiting for me. But that sometimes z ó extremely was I could hardly imagine. In England it is terrible to be a familiar face, although I’m still reasonably outside the lenses of the paparazzi can hold. I have no interesting priv é-life where she can let off steam on. But it remains a risk. Really quiet walking down the street you can’t go if you choose for this job. Even here in Amsterdam I was chased by a tricky photographer. He continued to follow me but while I wanted to go shopping. Then I eventually but went back to the hotel. I feel ü any notice, not at home in the world of glitter and glamour. I still don’t understand why people ge ï interested in what I do in my spare time. Why don’t they just enjoy the movies that I make? ” . There are other downsides to be famous. That know Colin Firth as no other. ” People try me always in a Mr. Darcy role to push. Shy but charming characters there word I like for cast. It makes me not matter in which way people want to place me. I am not worry about it. I understand where it comes from though: most people know me now once of my role of Mr Darcy in Bridget Jones Diary. But I also have plenty of other characters played, as a murderer or other violent role. In \ ‘ Trauma \ ‘ I killed a woman by a Tarantula in her mouth to stop! If that’s a shy, romantic role is then I know it anymore! I myself have so don’t feel like I pinned down sits on a certain role ” .

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é-Talk about his private life Colin, but about his film roles all the more. His latest role is that of Mr. Brown in Nanny McPhee \ ‘ \ ‘. In it he plays a widower with seven children. The script of the film spoke to him immediately, not least because he would play together with Emma Thompson, an actress who he admires beyond measure. ” It is a very talented and intelligent woman. I’ve always had great admiration for her. They played in the film not only the lead role, but also wrote the script. When I got there I had no time to think about it: I did involved ” . And the sprouts are certainly not socializing with friends, cinema that seven Mr. Brown! They have about user for the attention of their father and there they go best far. ” Mr. Brown is very concerned about how he can hold together the seven children and can ensure that they don’t end up in a home. He works hard and has little time. Thereby he ever forget that the little things all day also a part of the education ” . Working on the set with the kids found Colin a fun experience. ” Many people think that it is difficult to work with kids, but that is very with it. It differs not actually as much of working with adults. Only are they tired a bit faster and have them what earlier hunger and so ” . Colin should not think of itself to have seven children! ” I have two and I have my hands already full to. Although … If there really magical nanny’s as Nanny McPhee would exist, then I would ever think about haha ” .Nanny McPhee, the magical Nanny is running from today, 9 February,

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