Lois & Clark: The new adventures of Superman

the story of Superman: from alien to hero Superman comes to Earth as a child of the planet Krypton, but without his parents. On the Earth he is found and adopted by the childless couple Knows. They feed him on as if he were their own child. The little boy by his adoptive parents the name Clark, and he turns out to have unlimited about forces. As an adult he discovered his life’s mission: to protect the inhabitants of Metropolis against the evil schemes of the villainous businessman Lex Luthor. Luthor is out for dominion over the world, but Superman is committed to preventing. To make sure he is always aware of the latest news, Clark goes undercover working as a journalist for the local newspaper The Daily Planet \ ‘ \ ‘. There he meets the opinionated, feminist, very ambitious Lois Lane. Initially, there is strong rivalry between the two. They work, rose ë n and flirting with each other, and together they hunt the latest stories in the city metropolis chasing. Their best scoop is the secret Idol of Lois, Superman mentions that they, by the S in the logo of his costume. Clark and Lois over time develop romantic feelings for each other, but Clark has always in his mind that Lois is also bowled over by Superman. He is the superhero of whom she does not know he is Clark’s alter ego …

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Prices dragged several important awards and nominations on hold, including the Saturn Award in 1994, two Emmy nominations in 1994, two Emmy nominations in 1995 and an Emmy nomination in 1996. Teri Hatcher for years she played so very successful the role of Lois Lane in the television series Lois & Clark \ ‘ \ ‘. The success of \ ‘ \ ‘ Lois & Clark also earned her a lot of film rolls on, including those of Bond girl in \ ‘ \ ‘ Tomorrow Never Dies. However, after the television series Lois & Clark \ ë \ ‘ was ‘ be finished, it got very quiet around the beautiful brunette. But now she is again all the way back with the tv series \ ‘ Desperate Housewives \ ‘, in which she plays the role of the clumsy, single mother Susan. This role earned her a Golden Globe on, and still flows within the awards.Dean Cain In 1993, this unknown actor at the time asked for the role of Clark Kent in Lois & Clark \ ‘ \ ‘. He is well known from that time. In addition to acting, he is also Director (Rag and Bone, 1997) and writer. Writing is his greatest hobby; He even has two episodes of ” Lois & Clark ” written: ” Seasons Greedings ” and ” Virtually Destroyed ” . Nowadays to see Dean as a presenter in ” Ripley’s believe it or not ” . And that for someone just acted to earn some money at.

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This DVD set begins with a full pilot of one and a half hours, introduced by the producer Deborah Joy LeVine ge ï. In the pilot, you will become acquainted with the people in metropolis and at the Daily Planet \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ badguy, the Kents and Lex Luthor. You’ll get to see how Superman to his costume and his logo comes and how he Lois for the first time from the hands of Lex Luthor’s henchmen saves. Very nice is the comment on this pilot by Dean Cain, Deborah Joy LeVine and Director Robert Buthler. There are many more nice extra’s on this dvd’s, such as the documentary \ ‘ of rivals to romance \ ‘ about the origin of \ ‘ \ ‘ Lois & Clark. You can also take a look behind the scenes or with Superman \ ‘ \ ‘ in The air. For the enthusiast so a real must-have! In the future you can also the other 3 seasons of Lois & Clark \ ‘ \ ‘ on dvd expect.Image removed by editors ” Lois & Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman-Series 1 ” (1993) Genre: action/adventure released by: Warner Bros. Studio Boxinhoud: 6 dvd’s duration: 924 min price: starting from € 69.99 Release date: 15/02/2006

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