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you get it: you’re a world star of format. How do you deal with all that fame? It is not always easy. I still see myself as a regular guy from Colombia that makes music that he likes it. It’s nice that Time Magazine’s most influential people list me in their places, but I see that is not so. I find that I still have to perform to é cht to achieve something.Your song \ ‘ \ ‘ Camisa Negra are sold over two million copies worldwide. It is quite true and still about. I have just written a love song on my room. I felt lonely and far from those that I love. That sad feeling I have laid down in \ ‘ \ ‘ Camisa Negra. I’m still amazed when I hear my song on the radio. And certainly that it is now in countries like France, Germany and Austria at number 1. I never expected all this would happen.Recent years have you been on the road almost constantly. If you have your songs for your new album \ ‘ Mi Sangre \ ‘ written? They are on the most varied places emerge: on hotel rooms, on airplanes, in airports and in tour buses. Every time I had some time, I began to write. I also always a memo recorder with me. Every time I have an idea I put it immediately fixed. The number \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ or love me Amame \ I have written ‘ in Amsterdam. In a very romantic mood…You write your songs on your acoustic guitar? Usually Yes. I never go on a trip without my guitar. Most of the songs originated on my hotel room. That happens then after a concert or between the concerts by. Then I take just a moment for myself. And even then it is not easy, because I’m a huge perfectionist. I am therefore not easily satisfied with a song.

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Your love for music you have been from home. That is certainly true. My father and also my brothers play guitar. I waited until they always used to be full of excitement came from school. Then we could make music together. On my 14th I discovered metal and rock music. I’ve always been a big fan of U2, Led Zeppelin and Metallica. They have always been my great sources of inspiration.You come from Colombia, but now lives in America. It was not difficult for you to start a new life in another country? It was the hardest time of my life. When I moved to America, I have everything left behind: my family, my friends, really everything. Yet I still often in Colombia, because I have a House there. I try pretty normal to live with a woman and a child and without the superstar to hang out. I’m already eighteen years musician and I am good to keep both feet on the ground.Where can you really totally happy? Of my two daughters Luna (2) and Palomina (8 months). Besides my wife do they mean everything to me in my life. Too bad I by my busy life doesn’t always at them near am. But fortunately, there is such a thing as telephone and internet. So at least I can still be a little bit when they are when I’m on the go. On 29 March, Juanes in the Heineken Music Hall for a dazzling performance!Would you like to the single ‘ La Camisa Negra \ \ ” which appeared on 3 February, win? Then give the right answer to the following question: what is the name of the first album of Juanes? Mail your answer to prijsvraag@vrouw.nl and please include your name, address and username. Without registered user name you can unfortunately not join! Only é é n entry per address is accepted. This contest will run until 17 February a.s.Nieuwsbrief would you like to be kept informed of all the news around Juanes and similar artists? Subscribe here to the newsletter of

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