CDC clinic … will make you can laugh again!

are you so afraid of the dentist? You have thereby a visit postponed for too long? Actually, you know very well that you’re really even need to go to the dentist, because the problems are already there! These are prototype pati ë patients for CDC clinic for dental care. This clinic helps people directly and quickly from all their problems. How? By the size of the clinic and the on-site laboratories may treatments take place directly. The daily cooperation between dentist/implantologist and dental technician ensures a minimum return of the pati ë nt. for anxiety relief is even possible to choose a treatment under general anesthesia.

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The personal approach and attention to the pati ë nt provides a reliable feeling. The clinic is HKZ/ISO 9001 certified which guarantees quality. On 11 and 12 March you can get acquainted with CDC clinic for dental care at the New Beauty fair.[center] Image removed by editor [/center]

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