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Inositol V tal is intended for people in their thirties, with the aim to address the aging process of the skin. The series is inspired by ge ï green rice because rice seems to be the only cereal crop that is able in a very low-oxygen environment the ability of breathing to ensure the cells. Inositol is a molecule that occurs in high concentration in green rice and that naturally is also present in the skin. This active ingredient in skin cells improves breathing, so that also the energy production of the cells and then the production of proteins takes off. The series has so far from a dagcr è me (in jar and tube), a tube of eye care, a cr è memousse with cleansing and exfoliating effect, and a 2-in-1 cleansing milk with lotion. Unfortunately there is still no è me at nachtcr, which is around June/July only ge introduced ï. Here is according to Yves Rocher for chosen, because in France there is a whole media campaign around it has made. I have the dagcr è me and the 2-in-1 cleansing milk tried out.

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The first thing that struck me as soon as I opened the tube cleansing milk was the delicious and fresh scent. The cleansing milk is also pleasant to use, although they are for removing eye makeup works less well than the makeup remover that I normally use. Very pleasant that my skin after using this cleansing milk a lot less greasy to the touch. The dagcr è me smells a little less strong, but still as delicious. Also this feels very pleasant to touch on the skin, but may be possible slightly less suitable for really dry skin. On the days I no makeup used, started over time the skin on my forehead a little draw. But then the result. I had indeed a more radiant complexion? And most importantly, fewer wrinkles? Previously I had also my friend ge ï nstrueerd me a closer look, to see if he would see the difference over time. That meant that he asked every night the first couple of days when my skin looking radiant again had to go look now. And thanks treasure! When it was time to assess the result actually, he told me then that in particular a wrinkle on my forehead, which I had never seen, actually had become less … But, to be honest, the laugh wrinkles at my eyes are indeed less visible. That surprised me because I had frankly little confidence in. That could take care of me for a cr è that you have less wrinkles was going to get, since I already had my doubts about it, but a cr è me that existing wrinkles reduced? I actually believed not in there. I’m glad I was wrong. Because who doesn’t want to admit it, like her reduce wrinkles. And that more radiant complexion? Which I find hard to judge, but also that seems to be the case.

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Me and my dagcr è cleansing milk are still not on, and I will continue to use them for sure. Maybe I buy them though itself, because the prices are very reasonable. è Me in the dagcr game is already available for € 9.45, and the great thing is, that the packaging is environmentally friendly. The jar comes in a cardboard box, without loose manual because that condition complete printed on the inside of the box. Saving paper. In addition it can be refilled, which waste game saves. The tube costs € 6.25, and the 2-in-1 cleansing milk you’ve been € for only 4.95. For the same money you can get the cr è memousse and the eye care finally costs € 8.95. I do hope that Yves Rocher a separate eye makeup cleaner add to the series, and possibly a cr è me for what drier skin, but all in all this is a series that deliver what he promises, and also very affordable. Definitely a must! More information: http://www.yvesrocher.nl

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