Fresh Face-So you look 10 years younger

the book is written for the ” mature woman ” . Women often wear in old age makeup still exactly the same as when they were eighteen. Diana Moran wants mature women there not only good and confident show off, but she wants to learn that their women also make up style with their age needs to grow. For example, a heavy glitter makeup, is great with a young woman, but if your eyes are going to develop wrinkles as you age, the glitters mainly accumulate in those wrinkles. This highlights the folds and thus the age of the woman. This is é n é example of the many tips in the book. And although it is written for the more mature woman, you can bet also lots of tips off of if you’re a younger woman. The book gives as an introduction a good explanation on how the female skin and what happened during the aging process. Then the 5 skin types defined so you based on your skin type in the rest of the book can follow instructions. The complete daily and weekly care of the skin is explained in detail with all kinds of recipes to make food to scrubs and masks. If you have the basis for taking care of your skin the hang of it, you learn in small steps how you make up singles, which brushes and brushes you can use when applying make up and whatever shape you face. And finally you will learn how to make a good foundation and color in your face and you lay out your eyes and lips. Diana Moran gives infinitely many useful tips how you can rid wrinkles and how you make up on an older age can show still as natural as possible out there. But if you then know how to look your best may look, you know that your face just gets older and you probably want to know how to keep that as beautiful as possible. Diana demonstrates a comprehensive series of twenty exercises, which not only help to keep the skin supple, but also can improve the firmness of the skin. With a diagram of the muscles of the face you see exactly which muscles you with what training stimulates. Finally, in some chapters explained what changes you can make in your life to look young as long as possible. The book provides extensive information and the valuable life experiences of a known 50 + that her entire life, including by means of her appearance, her pay has deserves. The diagrams and accompanying texts provide a clear explanation. This book contains a wealth of tips for both old and young.Image removed by redactieDiana Moran – – Fresh Face So you look 10 years younger Elmar publishing house Genre: health and nutrition pages: 128 ISBN: € Price: 15,-9038916671

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