Lancaster Infinite White

Infinite White is a pigmentation-inhibiting line and is particularly suitable for women, who suffer from a chaotic or overpigmentatie and particularly for the Asian woman, negro ï the woman and the woman who does not want to or may be Brown. It works through a triple technology that works to make the skin color and pigmentation spots to make lighter and more even, the home to let rays with reflectrerende pigments and it contains Lancaster’s famous Retinol2 complex, the RPF Complex and a collagen Enhancer to the skin smoother and firmer. The line consists of seven products; a foaming cleanser, a lotion, booster serum, the Protective Whitening Cream SPF12, the Protective Whitening Fluid SPF 30 nachtcr oogcr è a è me, and me. We tried the Advanced Whitening Eye Cream from this line out. This is a fresh, soft cr è me that you gently with fingertips in the skin around the eyes is true. The skin takes the cr è me well on and seems after just a few days to get a lighter complexion, causing puffiness and dark circles less noticeable. It would also need to reduce fine wrinkles around the eyes.The Lancaster Infinite White line is from February on sale at the authorized Lancaster perfumery ë n and department stores. The cleanser and lotion are available for 19.50 euros, the serum and the cr oogcr è è knife for 39.00 euro and the me

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