Skin improvement with Mesotherapy

organizes on 11 and 12 March this year, New Beauty the first big consumer fair for cosmetic procedures in the RAI in Amsterdam. During these two days by different physicians lectures and there may be several stands of clinics are visited. The Velthuis Kliniek is of course represented at this fair with a large booth (A20 in the Park foyer), where consumers can get information about all treatments that are performed in the clinic. The latest method for skin improvement is Mesotherapy. This therapy consists of injecting a set amount of natural substances, such as vitamins, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid in the area below the epidermis. Injecting is going through a kind of injection gun with a very fine needle. By the Mesotherapy will improve the metabolic processes in the skin and thus treat the cause of the ageing. Mesotherapy also picks up the harmful effects of smoking, air pollution and sunlight to. The skin is not only protected but also against any damage can be restored to a large extent. Mesotherapy is in short a great preventive measure in the fight against aging. Who wants to keep her skin in a good condition, does well to starting to Mesotherapy between 35 and 40 years. A cure with Mesotherapy usually consists of eight treatments at intervals of two weeks. Another startling therapy that offers the Velthuis Kliniek is the varicose treatment by means of Endovenous Laser therapy (EVLT). Many women, and even men, are plagued by unsightly veins on the legs and in the knees. It is very pleasant to – by his little radical therapy which, incidentally, is compensated by a large number of health insurers-in a treatment of the varicose veins also right back off and be mobile. EVLT is, therefore, a perfect alternative to the traditional Strip. The entire vein is no longer pulled from the bone, but the blood vessel is closed using laser energy, after which the body breaks down and cleans the remnants. The phenomenon fillers is slowly becoming known. Many of the fillers work temporarily, some are permanent. Most women try first a temporary filler to see what the effect is and go then possibly on to a permanent filler. The doctor will obviously good advise. Not every filler is suitable for every wrinkle. The depth and place play an important role with the right choice. For more information about the Velthuis Kliniek and all treatments on [center] image removed by editor [/center]

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