The Edison Awards Preview

Via can be tuned to 5 March for the Planet Internet Edison audience award, granted by the jury which, in addition to the Edison Awards presented on 15 March in the Galaxy. This ceremony will be broadcast live through Planet Internet. This makes the Edison the first award show that with an integral webcast makes the move to this new medium. Underline the Dutch record industry its creative and innovative capacity. In the week after the ceremony are fragments of the show via the websites of both Edison as Planet Internet. Nominated singles for the \ ‘ \ ‘ Planet Internet Edison audience award: • Akcent-Kylie • • • Chipz-Carnival Anouk-Girl Whitney Houston-give me your fear • Jan Smit-Laura • Henrique • Kane-youth of today-Something to say • Kiss • Lange Frans and Baas B-delicious thing-the land of • Racoon – Love you more Image removed by editors

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